Pharmaceutical Industry Boiler Selection Guide--EPCB Boiler Helps You Become a Leader in Your Field

August 08, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is a high-tech industrial group with a high degree of integration of advanced technologies and means in multiple disciplines, and its energy consumption is huge. Pharmaceutical companies need a large amount of steam to sterilize raw materials and equipment for high-temperature sterilization, and to supply heat in the drying and cooling, and tablet pressing and granulation processes.


Hospitals are high-energy-consuming buildings, with loads including HVAC, water supply and drainage, electric lighting, and medical needs. And pharmaceuticals require large amounts of industrial steam and pure steam for autoclaving raw materials, instruments and equipment.


 The use of stable, durable and energy-efficient boiler systems can help pharmaceuticals reduce operating costs, lower energy consumption and thus optimize operations.


Precautions For Boiler Selection in the Pharmaceutical Industry


1. The equipment is stable and reliable to ensure that there is no fault in the medical treatment process;

2. The boiler operates without noise and is environmentally friendly;

3. The boiler steam supply is sufficient and can be used at any time to ensure that high-temperature sterilization, domestic heating, and hot water are supplied in a timely and sufficient amount;


How to Choose a Boiler in the Pharmaceutical Industry?


1. To meet the needs of hospital heating energy, hot water or heating, disinfection and sterilization, drying and other characteristics, one machine is multi-purpose, clean and hygienic, with good temperature controllability, preferably a specific boiler for the pharmaceutical industry.

2. The stable, durable and energy-saving boiler system ensures that the hospital provides a good environment for patient diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and is beneficial to the medical effect of medical staff. Give your competitive advantage a significant boost.

3. The boiler system used by pharmaceutical production enterprises, which first meets the actual pharmaceutical production process of the factory, can make the high temperature environment in the production process of injections, capsules or tablets more in line with production requirements.

4. In order to prevent equipment failures from causing losses to the pharmaceutical industry, under normal circumstances, stability and reliability are also the first choice.


Boiler Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily utilizing industries when it comes to boilers. Biopharmaceutical plants, drug preparation facilities and medical device producers all rely on these steam-powered machines for their respective processes。


As with all other major industries, the pharmaceutical sector is under constant pressure to improve its environmental credentials and boiler manufacturers are offering a number of ways to do this. One example is the development of condensing boilers which are able to recover heat from exhaust gases that would normally be lost to the atmosphere. This technology can achieve fuel savings of This technology can result in fuel savings of up to 15% and is now being widely adopted as a result.


As well as improving energy efficiency, the pharmaceutical industry is also under pressure to cut its emissions of harmful pollutants. One way this can be achieved is by using low NOx boilers which are designed to operate with minimal emissions of nitrogen oxides. These types of machines are typically found in applications where there is a need for high-pressure steam such as sterilization or autoclaves.


Why Choose EPCB Boiler?


1. High degree of automation, integrated docking system design with actual application equipment

Special computer control system, one-key start and stop, easy to use, stable performance, safe and reliable operation;

2. Standby at all times, steam out in three minutes

The diameter of the pot shell is large, the water capacity is large, the thermal efficiency is high, and the steam quality is high, which can realize "steam output in three minutes";

3. High efficiency

The combustion is sufficient, the heat recovery can be directly reused, and the matching and control of the heating equipment and the boiler equipment are in one-to-one correspondence, matching and efficient;

4. Wide range of uses

According to the different characteristics of each medicine or hospital, different auxiliary equipment can be set up to supply hot water and high temperature steam with different temperatures and uses, such as central air conditioning water, sanitary hot water, high temperature sterilization, etc.

5. Multi-level chain protection mechanism

According to different use processes in medicine or hospital, the boiler system is equipped with multiple control protections for furnace pressure and water level settings, as well as over-smoke temperature protection to ensure the safety of boiler operation. Realized joint control and unified adjustment.




Pharmaceutical industry boilers are a necessary piece of equipment, but they must be operated safely and efficiently in order to avoid any risks. EPCB is here to help you choose the right boiler for your needs and provide all the necessary maintenance and inspections to keep it running smoothly. Contact us today to get started!


EPCB,your private boiler system expert!

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Pharmaceutical Industry Boiler Selection Guide--EPCB Boiler Helps You Become a Leader in Your Field

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