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May 18, 2023

It had been two years since EPCB Boiler began its partnership with the construction industry of Uzbekistan. The customers were extremely satisfied by the quality and dependability of their products, and now they had new procurement needs.


The team at EPCB was already prepared for this visit from their customers. Their engineers had done extensive research on each individual need and were ready to provide detailed answers to any questions that might arise during their meeting.


As soon as the guests arrived, a tour around the factory was conducted to help them get an idea of what EPCB could offer them. They saw first-hand how efficient and reliable all production processes were, leading up to equally reliable final products – boilers catered specifically for their needs in Uzbekistan's construction industry.


After visiting every corner of the factory, it was time for a discussion about what exactly these customers needed from EPCB. Every engineer explained why certain types of boilers would be most suitable given specific parameters, such as budget or size constraints among others. All in all, both parties left feeling very confident about continuing this successful partnership into the future – one built upon mutual trust and understanding between customer needs and supplier capabilities at EPCB Boiler!

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