Four Types of Boilers That Boiler Agents with Many Years Experience Will Never Choose

December 17, 2019

Mr. Sayeed, as an old friend of EPCB Boiler, shared with us his many year's experiences of boiler agency. In his experience, he would never procure these four boilers on his behalf.

A suitable boiler system may cost more to purchase, but it will save more money in use. Don't buy these four kinds of boilers.

"I have been engaged in the procurement of industrial boilers since many years ago, and have helped many enterprises to procure boilers. In the process of acting as an agent, I have contacted many international suppliers of industrial boilers and visited many factories. Among them, I have purchased the most boilers from China, because the cost-effective ratio of boilers in China is the highest. But there are four kinds of Chinese boilers that I will never buy." Sayeed told us.

So what are the four types of boilers?

1.  Boilers with the lowest price quoted by several suppliers.
Because such boilers are likely to be jerry-built in production or sell seconds at best quality prices, there will be potential safety hazards in later use. “I once acted as an agent for Henan’s boilers in China because of the low price and purchased Zhengzhou’s low-price steam boilers for customers. However, the user has not been using the boiler for a long time, and the supplier can not give a good solution. Finally, I compensated the customer for some of the losses, and the matter was resolved. So if you buy a boiler, you must not choose the cheapest one, but make a comprehensive comparison.

2.  Boilers can offer very low prices without their own factories.
“That’s not true! This kind of boiler supplier usually chooses the boiler factory to cooperate, purchases first, then turns to export, earns the middle price difference. At this time, his quotation should be above his purchase cost, so as to make money. But in fact, his offer is still very low. Why? I don’t think there is a quality problem with the boilers he provides, so I won’t consider acting as an agent for such boilers.

3. Boilers do not provide product quality certificates and inspection certificates.
“In our country, quality certificate and inspection certificate are necessary for boiler records. If there is no boiler quality certificate and inspection certificate, it is very likely that this kind of boiler will not pass the quality inspection, or even pass the inspection. Buying such a boiler will not only be impossible for government departments to record but also cause endless problems when it is used.”

4. Boilers without perfect international after-sales service.
“To buy a boiler, we must see if the boiler manufacturer has a perfect after-sales system because there are inevitable faults in the process of using the boiler. If the boiler has problems, but can not be solved quickly, it will have a bad impact on the production of enterprises, bringing huge economic losses. I have also experienced this problem. At that time, I bought the boiler of Zhengzhou XXX.”

“Years of a boiler agency career, I did meet a very satisfied boiler manufacturer – EPCB boiler, very happy to be EPCB agent. At present, I have purchased 12 EPCB boilers for our customers, including steam boilers and thermal oil boilers. Although their prices may be higher than those of some suppliers, their boilers are stable in quality, after-sales service is also in place, and users are very satisfied.” Sayeed is proud to tell us.

A suitable boiler system may cost more to purchase, but it will save more money in use. Don't buy these four kinds of boilers. We are also glad to receive such high praise from Sayeed. As an international boiler supplier, our aim is to create maximum value for users with professional and comprehensive services. We sincerely invite international buyers from all over the world to join us as our agents. 

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