EPCB will participate in the Pakistan Industrial Expo in September in Lahore

EPCB will participate in the Pakistan Industrial Expo in September in Lahore

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With the implementation of the strategy of “The Belt and Road Initiative”, “China Pakistan Economic Corridor” and “China Pakistan railway corridor”, the economic links between China and Pakistan are more closely linked. China has become Pakistan’s largest trading partner, and Pakistan is China’s second-largest trading partner in South Asia. Pakistan Industrial Expo will be held at Lahore International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pakistan, from September 2 to 4, 2019. The exhibition has become an important bridge to link China-Pakistan economic and trade friendship and to open up the Pakistani market for Chinese-funded enterprises.

EPCB Boiler is honored to participate in the Pakistan Industrial Expo, which will be held in Lahore International Convention and Exhibition Center, Pakistan, from September 2 to 4, 2019. Welcome users from all over the world to come and communicate with us.

China EPCB Boiler has been focusing on the boiler industry for nearly 35 years. In the 1990s, the introduction of environmentally friendly oil-fired and gas-fired boilers from Western Europe has been renewed for four generations, and the products have reached a higher level of energy-saving, environmental protection, and high efficiency. The company insists on formulating EPCB brand strategic planning around the needs of users. With Qingdao’s brand culture atmosphere and profound industrial capacity accumulation, it strives to bring the brand image of “high quality, energy-saving, value-added” to the majority of users.

EPCB boiler technology research and development strength are strong, production and processing equipment matching is perfect, technology is widely used, focusing on the latest advanced technology in the field of boilers in Europe, America, and China. Now it can design, produce, complete sets and sell various types of industrial boilers. The pressure range covers 0-9.8 MPa, including gas, fuel oil, coal, pulverized coal, waste, and fuel. All kinds of boilers, such as biomass boilers. The company has the excellent structure of R&D service and production and installation personnel, including 40% of university graduates and 20% of technical R&D personnel, which lays a good foundation for the implementation of the company’s strategy and healthy development.

Patents and soft writings are the core elements of the EPCB brand. After years of struggle, EPCB has accumulated rich technical experience in the field of industrial boilers. Twenty patents and software copyrights are hard targets of EPCB boilers every year. So far this year, 15 software copyrights and patented technologies have been obtained. The goal has achieved a good trend, contributing its strength to the boiler industry and making it better. Serving users and gaining competitive advantage provides a strong guarantee.

The company attaches great importance to product quality and has set up physical and chemical laboratories, pressure laboratories and X-ray non-destructive testing rooms in strict accordance with the requirements of China’s National Safety Supervision and Quality Assurance Regulations. Each equipment strictly implements various quality and safety testing systems, and can only be shipped if it is fully qualified. In order to provide quality assurance and ensure internal quality standards, the company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, American ASME certification, European CE certification, Customs Union certification, Australian industry certification in the course of its development, and has passed the SGS general standard inspection continuously. For many years, no serious quality and safety accidents have occurred, which has been unanimously praised by employees, users, and higher authorities.

From its inception, the company has been carrying out all kinds of work in accordance with the business concept of “think users want urgently, and add value to users”. Now users are all over China, Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and other continents, and have established overseas offices in the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia. The products are all overpowering stations, mines, oilfields, chemical industry, textiles, leather, printing and dyeing, clothing, food, medicine and so on. Pharmaceutical, commercial housing, hospitals, schools and other fields, “high quality, energy-saving, value-added” brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, business growth is strong.

We are well aware that the boiler is the pillar industry of a country and the basic guarantee of enterprise productivity. We must do a good job for every boiler for every user. The demand of users is our new growth opportunity. EPCB people are confident and able to seize every opportunity and are determined to design and produce the best products continuously, so as to make the users fully enjoy the convenience and warmth brought by the EPCB boiler. And strive for a lifetime!


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