Why Are EPCB Boilers More Expensive Than Other Boilers?

Why Are EPCB Boilers More Expensive Than Other Boilers?

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In communicating with customers, we are often asked “Why are your EPCB boilers more expensive than others”, “Can you give XX discount ?”, “Can’t you reduce the price of your EPCB boilers any more ?” I believe that if you are a customer who wants to purchase boilers, you may have the same question. Boilers of the same capacity have different prices. Is the price false or the real price? Let me answer you.


Here, in order to better answer this question, we can give an example: “Consumer Report”, an authoritative American magazine, ranked 10 worst and 10 best car brands. The results show that Genesis won the first place, while Fiat was the worst car brand. The same car can also run 200 kilometers per hour, but the price of these two cars is high or low, of course, the stability and overall safety of the vehicle are also different. The same is true for industrial boilers. Boilers of different prices are different in safety, reliability, stability and thermal efficiency.


EPCB boilers, whether raw materials or auxiliary machines and components equipped with boilers, choose the best brand, material quality, and most suitable for users, and EPCB boilers strictly control the quality of products, from the beginning of raw materials into the factory has a complete and strict quality inspection process. Welders are certified and have more than 5 years working experience. Boilers manufactured have passed the certification of various standards in the world! Quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Advanced production technology, high-quality raw materials, strict quality inspection process, perfect after-sales service, so that users can buy at ease, use comfortably.

In summary, the prices of boilers are determined by many factors, and the safety and quality of boilers at different prices are also different. What kind of boiler would you rather choose?


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