EPCB Boiler Phase 2023 Bangladesh (Dhaka) International Textile Accessories and Yarn Exhibition

September 01, 2023

EPCB Boiler, as a leading industrial boiler manufacturer, is honored to announce that it will participate in the upcoming 2023 Bangladesh (Dhaka) International Textile Accessories and Yarn Exhibition. This grand event is scheduled to be held grandly at the Dhaka Convention Center in Bangladesh from September 13th to September 16th.


The International Textile Accessories and Yarn Exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh aims to bring together leading companies in the textile industry to showcase their latest fabric accessories, yarns, machinery, equipment and technologies. This exhibition has become an important event in Bangladesh's textile industry and will attract many domestic and foreign professionals and business representatives to visit and communicate.


As one of the proud exhibitors of this exhibition, EPCB Boiler will showcase its excellent industrial boiler products and technical solutions. As a professional boiler manufacturer, EPCB Boiler relies on its strict quality control and advanced production technology to provide stable, efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions for different industries. In the textile industry, heat energy is an indispensable element in the production process, and EPCB boiler products will provide textile companies with stable heat energy support, helping them achieve more efficient and environmentally friendly production.

An exhibitor representative of EPCB Boiler said: "We are very much looking forward to participating in the 2023 Bangladesh (Dhaka) International Textile Accessories and Yarn Exhibition. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our advanced technology and high-quality products, and also to communicate with colleagues in the textile industry. A platform for exchanges and cooperation. We believe that through our participation, we can contribute to the development of Bangladesh's textile industry."


Whether it is product display, technical exchange or industry cooperation, EPCB Boiler will inject more vitality into this exhibition and become a leader in the textile industry. During the exhibition, people from all walks of life are welcome to visit the EPCB boiler booth to experience its excellent energy solutions and services.


About EPCB boiler:


EPCB Boiler focuses on industrial boiler manufacturing and solutions, providing customers with efficient, stable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions with strict quality control, advanced technology, and a professional team. The company's products cover various fields, including but not limited to industry, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, textile and so on.

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