EPCB Boiler Explores New Opportunities for Development, 5G New Era Rewrites The Future of Industrial Boiler

EPCB Boiler Explores New Opportunities for Development, 5G New Era Rewrites The Future of Industrial Boiler

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This year, China industry and Information Technology Department officially issued 5G business licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and television, marking the beginning of 5G commercial operation in China.


The 5G era is coming, and all countries are working hard to prepare for it, and all walks of life are changing dramatically. The market will increase the demand for industrial infrastructure, such as industrial boilers and other industries are also expected to usher in explosive business opportunities. Therefore, as an old brand supplier of industrial boiler manufacturing industry, EPCB Boiler will follow the general trend of 5G development, deepen the social impetus of “digital economy” and create a higher-end “Digital Economy Boiler Series”. The 5G technology will inevitably bring great opportunities and challenges. The people of EPCB Boiler are also paying close attention to the new trend of 5g.


Boiler manufacturing industry is an important part of Chinese traditional manufacturing industry, so why should traditional manufacturing industry develop digital economy?

Because the 5G era really makes the digital world no longer just a reflection, record and supplement of the real world, but is constantly replacing some links of the real world in a more efficient and convenient way. As a member of the traditional manufacturing industry, EPCB boiler will also take the industrial digital express to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reduce fuel consumption, save steel and improve the process. To create a greater breakthrough. In terms of basic level construction of EPCB boiler, the working process of the factory has been sorted out, and various application software tends to be mature. Front line workers can skillfully use various operation software, and the working efficiency has been greatly improved. At present, Siemens electric control and LCD screen supporting our boiler will be greatly upgraded to provide more convenient services for users.


As a leading brand in the industrial boiler industry, EPCB Boiler is determined to build the enterprise into an information, digital and intelligent green factory. We actively introduce 5G network in the future, make full use of big data of industrial boilers, and work together with users to build a solutions framework of the boiler internet of things, so as to make EPCB boilers more intelligent. Buy boiler, choose firstly a professional industrial boiler supplier – EPCB Boiler!

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