Boiler Failure is Not What You Think—A Story about Professional Boiler Service

March 09, 2021

"The boiler that was under maintenance just a month ago has boiler failure."

"What boiler failure?"

"When the burner is ignited, it makes a loud noise."

Seeing this, do you think there will be a fierce quarrel next, such as a complaint from a customer? For example, what do we argue for? Actually not.

At 9 pm Beijing time, a local user in Bangladesh reported to the project engineer of EPCB with a video.During the boiler operation, there was a huge noise and vibration from the burner to the boiler body.

The boiler has just been maintained occured boiler failure is indeed incredible, but the first thing we have to do is to solve problems for customers. From the perspective of customers, in order to make customers feel at ease, we lift the veil layer by layer for them.

Quick response to boiler failure 

After getting the feedback, EPCB immediately set up an after-sales service team composed of customers, technology, business, and burner suppliers that night to conduct in-depth analysis of the causes of the problems. At the same time, EPCB arranged for local after-sales personnel to depart from Dhaka to Chittagong overnight (the shuttle bus takes about 10 hours).

Professional and meticulous for boiler failure

The after-sales service professional team, after research and analysis, decided to investigate the source of the failure problem from the burner, and then the unblocked condition of the boiler body, the economizer and the chimney, etc., which may cause the flue gas passage to be blocked.

Therefore, we conducted the following investigations based on the reflection of the combustion situation and inferred possible problems:

Boiler failure Initial  inspection

1.Check whether the burner fan is operating normally

The customer's fan is operating normally, the direction is positive, and it can be self-adjusted according to the combustion situation.

2.Check whether there is any foreign matter in the air inlet of the burner

The air inlet of the customer's burner is relatively clean and will not cause blockage of the air intake.

3.Check whether the filter of the burner intake is clean

The filter has a certain amount of dust, but it does not affect the normal supply of natural gas.

4.Check whether the gas inlet pressure is normal

There is no problem in observing the gas pressure gauge, and customers report that there is no major change in the near future.

5.Check other problems of the burner, check the condition of external parts, and check the wiring

Checked by the on-site personnel, there is no line problem.

6.Observe the flame color and flame form of the burner.

The customer's flame color is red and yellow, and the combustion flame form is small and tiny.

7.Check the color and odor of the combustion exhaust gas, and judge whether the combustion is insufficient

Check that the chimney gas is white, the exhaust gas smell is normal, and there is no pungent carbon monoxide smell.

Boiler failure In-depth  inspection

After some inspection, no problems were found. So we conducted a more in-depth troubleshooting.


8.Check whether there is any damage inside the burner.

Turn on the burner and check the internal combustion plate, fan and tuyere. Everything is normal.

9.Check the condition of the boiler's flue pipes, whether there is too much dust, blocking the gas out.

Open the front smoke box of the boiler, it is very clean.

10.Check whether the energy saver is blocked.

No, relatively clean

11.Check if the chimney is blocked

No, and the smoke is unblocked

So far, it has been completely determined that there is no problem with the burner and the boiler body.


Then we followed the thinking of the failure analysis team and further adjusted the burner air ratio. As a result, we obtained a short-term stability of the boiler combustion, and the problem appeared again after a few hours.


Immediately afterwards, we inspected the main gas intake pipeline and found that the regulator valve was damaged.


Since there is no pressure regulator valve fitting at the customer's location, we contacted the local Dhaka personnel to help the customer purchase and replace the safety valve in the shortest possible time. After the replacement, there was no more noise from the boiler. After the customer agreed, the after-sales personnel returned to Dhaka.


The matter did not end there. The next day, the customer reported that the failure of the burner sound occurred again, and our after-sales personnel quickly arrived at the scene within 10 hours to conduct an inspection. There was no noise at the scene, and the cause of the failure appeared here, which was caused by the extremely unstable inlet pressure of the natural gas generator.


In order to prevent customers from having similar failures, we have adopted the following solutions:

1.Reserve spare regulator valves for customers.

2.The main gas pipeline was inspected and repaired.

3.Contact the local natural gas company and ask it to take measures to ensure that the gas supply is relatively stable.

The customer recognized the professionalism, timeliness and responsibility of our service. During the boiler overhaul stage, the customer rushed for production orders, and the problems were solved, so that the whole project could run again in the shortest time. The customer was very grateful, and we were also happy from the bottom of our heart.That's the value of the EPCB.

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