Bag Dust Collector User Guide|Why does the bag dust collector catch fire?

November 19, 2021

Bag fire is a common fault of dust collector.Recently, I saw a video of a bag dust collector catching fire. The fire is very strong. It is estimated that this bag dust collector cannot be used in a short time. This had to shut down the dust removal system or even boiler shut down for rectification, that affected the entire production schedule of the factory. 

Why does the bag dust collector catch fire? 

The cloth bags in the bag dust collector can be divided into three categories according to the temperature that they can withstand, low temperature, 130℃, medium temperature, 130℃-180℃, high temperature, 180-280℃. Generally speaking, it is very easy to burn.

In general, there are three reasons for the bag dust collector to catch fire:

1. Incomplete combustion fuel or sparks enter the bag dust removal system

2. The temperature of the smoke entering the bag dust collector is too high

3. Improper selection of cloth bag material in the bag dust removal device


 How to use bag dust collector correctly to avoid catching fire?

1. Incomplete combustion fuel or sparks enter the bag dust removal system

Incomplete combustion of fuel or sparks enters the bag dust collector to cause secondary combustion, causing the bag to be ignited.


①Boiler air volume is too large: bring the burning fuel into the bag, causing secondary combustion

②Unreasonable arrangement of boiler air ducts: it will cause local air volume to be too large, causing incomplete combustion of fuel or sparks to enter the bag

③Improper fuel selection: The fuel that takes a long time to burn out will generate small particles of fuel that are burning during the combustion process, and it is easy to follow the flue gas into the bag dust collector.


①Equipped with a more suitable fan, and adjust the boiler air supply to achieve the best air volume for complete fuel combustion.

②Purchase boilers with more reasonable air duct layout. For boilers like EPCB, the arrangement of the air ducts will be very reasonable, and the air volume is uniform,there will be no excessive air volume in the furnace.

③Pay attention to the choice of fuel, and choose the fuel that can burn quickly as much as possible. If there is not much space for fuel selection, a flame arrestor can be arranged in front of the bag burner to block the incompletely burned fuel or sparks. This method is also applicable to the first two cases.


2. The temperature of the flue gas entering the bag filter is higher than the ignition point of the bag

The temperature of the smoke entering the bag filter is too high, exceeding the ignition point of the bag itself, causing the dust collector to catch fire.


① The boiler thermal efficiency is too low, and the temperature in the exhaust gas is too high.

② Not equipped with good energy-saving equipment


① When buying a boiler, choose a better brand.

This can ensure that the boiler’s thermal efficiency is higher, the fuel utilization rate is higher, and the exhaust gas temperature can be controlled at a lower temperature. The exhaust gas temperature of EPCB boiler is about 200℃.

②A better economizer is provided between the boiler and the bag filter:

EPCB boilers will be equipped with high-efficiency energy-saving equipment such as superconducting finned tube economizers. The minimum exhaust gas temperature of the boiler can reach 110°C. There is no need to consider the problem of excessively high flue gas temperature causing the bag filter to catch fire.

③If the temperature still cannot drop below the ignition point of the bag filter. Can be equipped with a small blower to adjust the flue gas temperature by injecting cold air


3. The quality of the bag in the bag dust removal device is not up to standard.

If the bag filter you buy can burn at 130°C, even if you install a better energy-saving system, the bag filter may catch fire.


The bag material of the bag filter is different in temperature resistance and the cost price is different. In order to save costs, some unscrupulous merchants will not consider the user's use and directly equip the user with a low-temperature standard bag, which is very likely to cause the bag filter to burn.


When equipped with a bag filter, you should choose a reliable boiler and auxiliary equipment supplier, and don't lose safety because of cheapness.

EPCB will equip you with the most suitable bag filter according to the specific situation of the boiler system, while controlling your cost, let your boiler system operate safely and stably.




In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler, when buying boilers and auxiliary equipment, you should choose a regular boiler brand, so as to reduce the probability of boiler failure.


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