2 Sets 350KW Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler In Qingdao, China

2 Sets 350KW Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler In Qingdao, China1
2 Sets 350KW Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler In Qingdao, China

Mode: Hot Water Boiler

Capacity: 350Kw

Application: Central Heating

In 2013, EPCB was invited by a property management company to provide a boiler solution for the central heating of a family residential area in Fushan, Qingdao. Through researching on the family user’s quantity, occupation area of the district and other information by EPCB technicians, we recommended them to use a gas-fired hot water boiler with 350KW capacity. The company said they used a boiler purchased from other supplier in other neighborhood before. But the quality of that boiler is not so high, the boiler often appears abnormal shutdown problem, which brings great inconvenience to the central heating of the neighborhood. Therefore, through the recommendation from other neighborhood users, the person in charge of this family residential area contacted with EPCB boiler. In the process of communication, we found that the customer had great concerns about whether the boiler can be heated normally, and always worried about the problem caused by the lack of central heating, which is caused by boiler shutdown. Therefore, in order to solve the customer’s concerns thoroughly, we suggest that the customer adopt two sets of 350KW hot water boilers for heating (one use and one standby) after EPCB’s calculation of the cost of the boiler and the analysis of the customer’s budget. In the later stage, considering about the space of their boiler room, the original design of horizontal boilers was rejected, and the option of one horizontal boiler and one vertical boiler was selected. Up to now, the boiler system is running well and never has the problem of insufficient heating. Every year, the EPCB maintenance service team will go to the boiler room of the user for on-site inspection, so far the users are satisfied with our service.

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