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Product Advantage

1. EPCB Multi Tube Dust Collector belongs to cyclone type dry dust remover, mainly used for boiler and industrial dust collection. With the help of centrifugal force, the dust is captured and collected on the pipe wall, and falls into the dust collection chamber by gravity. It can effectively capture 5-10 μ m dust.

2. The EPCB multi-tube cyclone is made of wear-resistant cast iron, which has high dust removal efficiency and large gas treatment capacity and is suitable for dust removal of various solid fuel boilers.

3. Explosion-proof safety design, a bursting disc with large discharge area, corrosion resistance and not easy to block. The explosion-proof valve is designed to effectively prevent safety accidents.

4. With the new design, under the premise of ensuring the dust removal efficiency, the structure is more compact and the floor area is small.

5. More than 35 years old brand, multiple quality certificate certification, 1-year warranty. 24-hour online after-sales service!

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EPCB Boiler is a professional boiler manufacturer in China. Focus on industrial boiler production and sales for 68 years. Our main products are coal-fired boilers, oil gas boilers, biomass boilers, electric boilers, and power plant boilers. EPCB Boiler has more than 15000 users, and the users are covering more than 100 countries and regions. EPCB Boiler is well received by users, because of its features energy saving, environmental protection, helping users save money and High quality After services. We have professional boiler engineers to customize the boiler system for you so that you and your enterprise can produce higher quality products at a lower cost! Make your enterprise more competitive!

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