Biomass Fired Boilers Are Called "Perpetual Motion Machine"

November 02, 2020

When using the boiler, what is most afraid: Boiler Shuts Down. The boiler shutdown will prevent the production of the factory from proceeding normally, causing delays in the construction, and in severe cases, the failure to complete orders on time. There are two reasons:

One is the failure of the boiler itself.

The second is the low supply of boiler fuel.

The biomass-fired boiler can solve the second situation completely,so it is called the "perpetual motion machine" in the boiler industry.


Why is Biomass fired boiler called the "perpetual motion machine" of the boiler industry?


1. Biomass fuels are everywhere.

2. Biomass fuel has high calorific value and low cost.

3. Low emissions from biomass-fired boilers.


1. Biomass fuel is everywhere


As the main fuel of biomass fried boilers, Biomass fuel includes wood, straw, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, coconut husk, palm husk, etc. Biomass energy can be seen almost everywhere. Even in countries with sufficient fuel reserves such as coal and natural gas, you can choose to use biomass-fired boilers, because coal and natural gas are non-renewable resources. Recycling Biomass energy, while developing the economy, also focuses on sustainable development.

Besides, biomass resources in most countries are directly burned in the field, which will not only waste resources but also cause environmental pollution. Biomass-fired boilers can not only recover this biomass but also protect the environment, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.

2. Biomass fuel has high calories and low cost.


Look at a set of real data:

Take the 600,000 kcal required for a one-ton boiler to run for one hour as an example:

First of all:
The fuels’ unit price is


Straw pellets are $67/ton,

miscellaneous wood pellets are $126.5/ton,

natural gas is $0.52/m³,

industrial electricity is $0.15/kWh.


The cost of biomass straw pellet fuel: 600,000÷3000kcal/kg=200 kg,200kg × $0.067/kg = $13.4 The cost of biomass mixed wood pellet fuel: 600,000÷4000 kcal/kg=150kg,150kg ×$0.126/kg= $18.9

Natural gas fuel cost: 600,000÷7,500 kcal/m³=80m³, 80m³×$0.52/m³=$41.6

Electricity cost: 600,000÷860 kcal/degree = 697 degrees, 697 degrees×$0.15/degree =$104.5

The cost calculation results are clear at a glance:

The cost of biomass fuel is obviously lower than that of natural gas and electricity. Biomass-fired boilers that use biomass as fuel can save you more costs!


Low emissions from biomass-fired boilers


Biomass-fired boilers can be equipped with a variety of Dust collector. According to the different emission standards of various countries, it can be equipped with multi-tube dust collectors、Wet dust collectors,s and bag dust collectors. It can fully meet the emission requirements of various countries. It has been widely used in various countries.


EPCB biomass-fired boilers are very popular with customers, because of their safety and stability and the after-sales service supporting.


The furnace arch, furnace wall, and furnace layout of the EPCB biomass-fired boiler are more reasonable, and the grate design is more scientific, which can be adapted to the simultaneous and full combustion of a variety of biomass, and the boiler has higher thermal efficiency. The boiler structure is more reasonable and the operation is more stable.

A variety of after-sales services such as a 24-hour after-sales hotline can help you solve any problems you may have when using the boiler. Ensure the safer operation of your boiler.



With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, biomass-fired boilers’ purchase is increasing. biomass-fired boilers are the "perpetual motion machine" in the boiler industry. Just do it.

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